Certificate Programs

The Department of Linguistics and Asian/Middle Eastern Languages offers four specialized training programs for individuals in the following areas:

Basic Certificate in TESL/TEFL- This Certificate program features training in the fundamentals of language structure, language processing and acquisition, and language variation, and applies these areas to ESL/EFL teaching.

Advanced Certificate in TESL/TEFL- This Certificate program requires the Basic Certificate (or equivalent) as a prerequisite, and emphasizes second language acquisition and ESL methodology, while offering flexibility for students with different interests and backgrounds.

Computational Linguistics- This Certificate will prepare individuals to employ their computational linguistics skills in: the area of Speech Recognition; the area of Machine Translation or Machine-Assisted Translation; various areas of text-mining or text-filtering, such as customer service support analysis or SPAM detection in the area of Litigation Support; various areas of Information Retrieval, such as web search.

Text Analytics - Individuals who hold the Certificate can employ their skills in a variety of areas: in Speech Recognition and Machine Translation; in various applications involving text-mining,text-classification, or text-filtering such as sentiment analysis of product reviews or microblogs, customer service support analysis, SPAM detection, and litigation support; and in Information Retrieval and Information Extraction.

Korean Studies- This Certificate, upon completion, declares a student’s advanced level of language ability and in Korean and foundational understanding of the culture, history, socio-politics, and religions of Korea.