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2017 Chinese Project GO

Photos and video from the 2017 Chinese Project GO. The program was sponsored by LARC/ROTC and our own Professor Regina Wu was a lead instructor.

Changing Phonology, Stable Borders: The Low Back Merger in Northern New York

Monday, May 22nd, 11 AM to 12 noon in SH 113

Join us for a research talk by our new Sociolinguist, Dr. Aaron Dinkin, from the University of Toronto. 

In previous work, I discovered an unexpectedly sharp dialect boundary between two communities in St. Lawrence County, New York, a sparsely-populated rural county along the Canadian border and the St. Lawrence River: Canton exhibits an advanced degree of the low back "caught-cot" merger, while Ogdensburg, 20 miles away, exhibits the Northern Cities Vowel Shift and mostly lacks the low back merger. In this paper, I investigate the cause of this dialect boundary, and the reason for the relative advancement of the low back merger in northern New York, by supplementing my previous sample with new interviews from St. Lawrence and neighboring Jefferson county. A total of 52 speakers are examined, from eight communities: four along the St. Lawrence River (Alexandria Bay, Ogdensburg, Waddington, and Massena) and four 25 miles to the south (Watertown, Gouverneur, Canton, and Potsdam). I find that the only geographical feature that significantly predicts degree of low back merger is east-west position. In particular, accessibility of Canadian border crossings does not correlate with advancement of the merger; this suggests that, even though the merger is of long standing in Canada, Canadian influence is not the source of the merger in northern New York. The east-west difference suggests an origin in 19th-century transportation patterns: before the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway, Ogdensburg was the easternmost port a ship from Lake Ontario could reach. Thus Ogdensburg and towns to the west are dialectologically grouped with the Great Lakes region, and centuries-old transportation patterns remain relevant for present-day dialect boundaries.

Linguistics Student Association Colloquium

The Linguistics Student Association's 40th Annual Colloquium is this Saturday, April 29th from 9am-4pm at Scripps Cottage.

All are welcome!

Featured Speaker: Dr. Kathryn Woolard, UCSD

Language:Attitudes to Ideologies

Studies of language attitudes and ideologies show that listeners project personal qualities onto unfamiliar speakers and make consequential decisions about them on the basis of previously conceived linguistic typifications. But when do such typifications affect the perceiver’s own speech? This presentation argues that to answer that question, we need another link in the ideological chain between what can be measured as linguistic attitudes or characterized as sociolinguistic indexicality and an individual's linguistic practice. This presentation sketches a model and illustrates it with some of my research in Catalonia as it evolved across 35 years from a focus on language attitudes to language ideologies.

For more information, visit: LSA.SDSU.EDU

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Bridging the Academic-Professional Spheres in the TESOL Profession

Friday, April 14th, 2:00-4:30 in Storm Hall 221

This professional development workshop is intended for all TESOL and General Linguistics MA students, and would also be of interest to current lecturers of ESL Composition and Foreign Language courses at SDSU. It has been specifically organized around issues that address the acculturation of graduate students into the profession of TESOL (such as the role of publications and service in the community college profession, preparation for interviews, and development of a professional self). The workshop leaders are successful alumni and prominent ESL professionals from California Community Colleges.

Sponsored by a grant from the Student Success Fee Initiative.

Korean Culture Night 2017 Photos

We had a successful KCN 2017. We had about 170 attendees!  

9th Korean Culture Night 2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017, from 6-8 pm at Aztec Student Union, Theatre 270.

Korean Traditional & Modern Songs, Dance, Music, Taekwondo & More!
Free Admission

Hosted by the Korean Student Association & Students of Korean Program, Department of Linguistics and Asian/ Middle Eastern Languages, SDSU
Supported by the College of Arts and Letters, SDSU, Department of Linguistics and Asian/ Middle Eastern Languages

For more information, please contact Haekyung Kim at

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The Entanglement of Designers, Objects, and Players in Videogame Interactions

The Dept. of Linguistics and Asian/Middle Eastern Languages and the Linguistics Student Association invite everyone to a colloquium presentation with Norma Mendoza-Denton and Scarlett Eisenhauer (UCLA, Anthropology)

Friday, 3/10, 3:30-5:00pm in AL 101

This work is an intervention into the language and gender/language and materiality/language and embodiment literature taking as data the entanglement (Hodder 2014) of video game designers, objects, and players. A group of four students (three men and one woman) were video-recorded playing the side-scrolling game Mario Party 8 (Nintendo 2007).  In this game, there is a subset of mini-games where players interact with the physical objects of the game.  By taking an approach arising from archaeology that takes into account how humans depend on objects which depend on the actions of other humans, we can understand how sexism in videogames may arise as an already incipiently embodied feature of gaming interactions. We show the first analysis of  Electrodermal Activity (EDA) for this type of gendered interaction and discuss its implications for our understanding of entanglement and embodiment. 

Prof. Mendoza-Denton is a sociolinguist and ethnographer who has worked extensively on sociophonetics, language and identity, multimedia ethnography, and visual anthropology.  Her ethnographic study of Norteña and Sureña youth gangs Homegirls: Language and Cultural Practice Among Latina Youth Gangs (2008) looked at "the daily lives of young Latinas and their innovative use of speech, bodily practices, and symbolic exchanges to signal their gang affiliations and ideologies.” She served as president of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology from 2011-2013.

Job Candidate Forum

Intonational Variation Beyond Black and White: Language And Identity in the Speech of Biracial Men
Monday, January 23rd 9:00-10:00am Love Library 430
Nicole Holliday, Ph.D. (Pomona College)

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"San Diego is Almost a Little Cavite City": Documenting Speakers' Perceptions of Chabacano with Perceptual Dialectology
Wednesday, January 25th 9:00-10:00 am Love Library 430
Marivic Lesho, Ph.D. (University of Bremen) 

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The Integration of English Nouns into Bilingual Sonoran Spanish
Wednesday, February 1st 9:00-10:00am BioScience Center
Ryan M. Bassett, Ph.D. (University of Arizona)

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Everyday Language and the Quantitative Analysis of Stylization
Friday, February 3rd 3:15-4:15pm Love Library 430
Janneke Van Hofwegen, Ph.D. (Stanford University)

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Variant-Centered Variation and the Like Conspiracy

Monday, February 6th 1:00-2:00 pm Love Library 430
Aaron Dinkin, Ph.D. University of Toronto

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Rebecca Egipto Featured on SDSU NewsCenter

Read the SDSU NewsCenter article about SDSU faculty and students who volunteer with the Karen Organization of San Diego.  Linguistics lecturer and the undergraduate and TESL certificate advisor, Rebecca Egipto is featured in the article.

Linguistics Student Association Spring Colloquium

April 24, 2016 from 9:00am to 3:00pm in Scripps Cottage.

Our keynote speaker is Marguerite Ann Snow, Professor of Linguistics at CSULA, and there will be a number of other talks by SDSU linguistics students and faculty presenting the results of their research.

Korean Culture Night 2016 Photos

KCN 2016 was a great success with attendance over 200 people. Hosted by Korean Student Association, the program included student research presentation and performances, and community participation (Taekwondo and Korean traditional drum dance). KSA also served delicious Korean snack (kimbap, japchae, and ttekbokki).

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Korean Culture Night

Join us for our 2016 Korean Culture Night on Thursday, March 10, 2016 from 6pm - 8pm in Aztec Student Union Theater, Room 270.

There will be live Korean songs (both modern and traditional), music, dance, Taekwondo demonstrations, food and more!

Free Admissions. Donations are welcome!

Contact: Haekyung Kim at

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Hangul Event

The Korean Studies Program and the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies celebrated the 569th birthday of Hangul (the Korean Alphabet) with a guest lecture, calligraphy demonstration, and student presentation. The student winners of Calligraphy contests (KOR 101) and Essay contest (KOR 201) were also awarded. At the reception, a Korean traditional dish bibimbap (rice with mixed vegetables) was served. The Event was also sponsored by the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles, Awoolim Catering, and the LG company in San Diego.

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2015 Winners


2015 Presenters


Study in Japan!

San Diego State University (SDSU), California State University (CSU) and International Student Exchange Program (ISEP):
Exchange Programs with Universities in Japan 2016-2017

Information Session
Friday, September 11, 2015
International Student Center
2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

For more information, contact: Dr. Yoshiko Higurashi at

Hangul (The Korean Alphabet) Celebration in Fall 2015

The Korean Studies Program and the Center for Asian Pacific Studies, College of Arts & Letters, SDSU, will sponsor Hangul contests in Fall 2015, celebrating the exceptional alphabet system created by King Sejong in the 15th century.

  • Special Lecture by Prof. Hyang-Ok Lim, Professor of Interpretation and Translation, Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies, Author of 'How do you Say it?' and 'This is Korea.'
  • Calligraphy Demonstration by Mrs. Young Mi Park
  • Essay or Calligraphy Contests in Hangul for students enrolled (fall 2015) in Korean language classes.
  • A Campus-wide Essay Contest in Hangul.

Awards will be presented end at The Hangul Day Celebration on October 7, 2015 (4-7 pm). 

View the flyer to learn more (.pdf)

Students can enter the essay contest by visting

New Course for Fall 2015

KOR 430: Contemporary Korean Culture through Media

Wed. 16:00-18:40, @ GMCS-306

Contemporary Korean culture and the Korean wave (with a historical perspective on changes in Korean identity/thought) through film, music, TV shows...

Course is conducted in English
Prerequisite: Upper Division Standing

Fulfills requirement of Korean Studies Certificate!

For more information, contact Soonja Choi, program director ( or Jini Shim, course instructor, (

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SDSU Japanese Language Students Honored at 32nd Annual Award Ceremony

Twenty-one San Diego State University students received scholarships totaling $8,500 for outstanding performance in Japanese language classes from Kyocera International, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Union Bank, and SDSU Office of International Programs at a May 4, 2015 ceremony at SDSU. Fifteen additional students were recognized for their outstanding achievements by the Japanese Language Program.

View the press release in English (.pdf) and Japanese (.pdf)


38th Annual Linguistics Spring Colloquium

The Linguistics Student Association invites you to attend the 38th Annual Linguistics Spring Colloquium on Saturday, April 11th, 2015, 9:00-3:30, in Scripps Cottage.

The colloquium will feature a selection of fascinating talks about language, with Dr. Jesse Harris (UCLA) as the keynote speaker.

View the colloquium program (.pdf)


World Language Day

World Language Day (WLD) is a day for foreign language and world language clubs from local high schools to visit SDSU’s campus and participate in language-related quiz bowls, cultural programs, and language-specific conversations.

Friday, March 13th, 2015, 8am – 2:30pm.

Learn more about this event by visiting their website.