Hebrew Language Program

The Hebrew program at SDSU combines the study of Modern and Ancient Hebrew: All speaking is in Modern Hebrew, but many texts for reading are taken from Ancient Hebrew, including the world-historic legacy of biblical texts.

The Hebrew Program uses the Language Bazaar Hebrew Series of textbooks. The Language Bazaar uses an innovative method, "Sheltered Initiation Language Learning", which includes a variety of innovative techniques to reach all learners, regardless of abilities. The main feature of "Sheltered Initiation Language Learning" is its use of an 'acquisition-based sequencing' for all language structures, to guarantee optimal acquisition of speaking and comprehension abilities.

All students in the Hebrew program learn to speak with range and confidence, and to comprehend ordinary Hebrew text.


Alana Shuster
Hebrew Program Advisor
Email: Hebrew4all@aol.com
Phone: (619) 594-7114
Location: SHW 211