Korean Language Program

The Korean language program at SDSU offers Korean language and culture courses that meet diverse needs of the San Diego community. 

The general language courses focus on helping students develop integrated language skills and understand modern Korean language and culture.  In addition, the program offers a variety of Korean courses in a wide range of topics on Korean language and culture such as Korean studies through media, Korean civilization, Korean, and Business Korean.  We have also added an Internship course as well as a Practicum course in teaching Korean as second language. 

We offer a Korean Studies Certificate that declares student’s advanced level of language ability and in Korean and foundational understanding of the culture, history, socio-politics, and religions of Korea.

The lower division language courses can be used to fulfill the GE foreign language requirements.

All Korean courses are part of the curricular for Asian and Pacific Studies and International Business Program.


Soonja Choi
Korean Program Director
Office: SHW 226
Phone: (619) 594-5885
Email: schoi@mail.sdsu.edu

Haekyung Kim
Korean Language Advisor
Office: SHW 207
Phone: (619) 594-3932
Email: hkim@mail.sdsu.edu