Zev bar-Lev (Ph.D., Indiana)
Second language acquisition, Hebrew, key-consonant theory, discourse, computers. Development of SILL (Sheltered Initiation Language Learning), his innovative method of teaching foreign languages.

Soonja Choi (Ph.D., Buffalo)
Korean Program Director

Language acquisition and cognition. Cross-linguistic studies of the development of syntax, semantics, and morphology in first language acquisition with an emphasis on Korean and English.
Email: schoi@mail.sdsu.edu

Thomas Donahue (Ph.D. Ohio State)
Sociolinguistics and the history of English. Language planning, language and politics, and social structure of slang usage in the U.S. - Mexico border area.

Ann Johns (Ph.D. USC)
Materials design, ESL methodology. Interest in socio-cultural influences upon teaching and learning of second language reading and writing.

Ghada Osman (Ph.D., Harvard)
Classical Arabic & Islam, Arabic & Islam in the United States, Mental Health Issues

Robert Underhill (Ph.D., Harvard)
Descriptive linguistics. Primary interests in phonology, discourse and syntax. Language interests in Turkish, Native American, and Southeast Asian languages.

Charlotte Webb (Ph.D., Texas)
Second language acquisition. Identifying variables that contribute to L2 acquisition, and how these variables interact with biological aspects of language learning.